Mr. Bee…The Lovely Man from Lao

Inthee Chanpaseurdher, or Bee…You know, it’s difficult to remember or even just pronoun the Indo Chine Name. But, this man has unique one. I only remember three words.. BEE, quite simple, isn’t it?

From all 30 participants, Bee is not different with the others. But, in the first time I know him, I see a lot of different and special things in his eyes. Happiness and also sadness, honesty and pride, love and also hope. That’s why, this person interest me. And I try to know him deeper.

His name is Inthee Chanpaseurdher,, or I usually call him as Bee. He comes from Sayabourry, one province in the northern of Lao. He is a Politics teacher in high school, and also teach Politics in some private colleges in Sayaboury as a second job. I met Him when I was joining ASEAN Bridge of Youth 2007, in Kuta Bali. He was one of delegations from Lao PDR.

Many things I learn from Bee. Bee is a Mong, a minority ethnic whose live in the mountains in the northern Lao. It’s new for me, coz I don’t so much about Lao, except this country lies somewhere in indochine region. Bee told me that Mongs a little bit underdeveloped since they live far from city facilities. So, not too much people have good education and nutrition.

But Bee’s mother is a tuff woman. Bee’s father was died when he was 5 years. So, his mother had to work hard to grow Bee and his two younger sisters. Even his mother lives in country side, but she gave good education to Bee. She told Bee that only education can give him a better life. That is why, His mother do anything to make Bee become Bachelor in Politics in University at Vientiane. Bee is also one of rising star in Sayabourry, He is the best one. That’s why the university proposed Him to be a lecturer in University. But He refused it because he wants to taking care his mother and work as a teacher in Sayabourry.

After heard his Story, I really impressed with him. I felt that I am not anything than his sacrifice to his mother. He love his mother very much, left his better job in university, get married with a woman which he not in love for his mother. ‘But, now…I love my wife so much, because she is a very good wife ‘, Bee told me…

He always smile, looks fresh, and kind to everyone even he has big problem, especially about money. He told me that The Lao Government gave him US$ 1.000, but he only got US$ 800 because his department cut for something he didn’t understand. His headmaster also asked Bee to buy a handphone. So, Bee has to owed some money from his father in law because his money wasnot enough to pay accommodation in Bali-Indonesia. I didn’t understand how the people become so cruel to someone who represents their country.

So, I decide to give the best in his trip to Bali. And I take Bee travel around Bali. I am not sure Bee can visit Bali again, at least in these two or three years. I show him some beautiful places in Bali, such as Bedugul, Danau Beratan and also Balinese Temple. I take him to some beautiful beaches, such as Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur Beach. I take him to one of the best Padang Restaurant in Denpasar, show him my hometown and my culture.

During the trip, I saw Bee’s eyes looks so bright. He really enjoyed the trip. He said that he never feel as happy as now. And He thanked so much to me. I just smile, and also thanked to god that I can meet this wonderful human being. He has taught me many things about life, and love. He always smiles and looks fresh; even he only has US$ 50 in his pocket to bring him back to Vientiane.

Bee…I wish we can meet again someday even I am not sure since you have to work very hard to give better life to your mother, wife and your lovely son. But I believe we will meet someday. And I also wish you success in your career because you have so many potentials and smart. Bee,you are a great man…

(Denpasar, 12th August 2007, For my Brother..BEE)

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